Surfing Courses

Intensive Surf Courses

If you are serious about surfing, no matter what your level, then we highly recommend one of our tailor-made Surf courses. Below is a guideline of what you will learn over the 3 sessions, but we can focus on any aspect of your surfing which you feel needs attention.

The courses are run over 3 sessions. Depending on conditions, we will try to run each session at a different location in Scarborough. The sessions can be taken on days which suit you and when conditions are best for your ability. Session duration is usually 2 hours, depending on conditions.

All courses are generally run on a one to one basis, but we can tailor this to small groups.


This is suitable for either the complete beginner or those who have been out a few times and want some intensive coaching.

Over the 3 sessions we will cover –

  • Equipment choice
  • Surfing locations
  • Hazards
  • Paddling and pop up technique
  • Correct stance
  • Video/Photo analysis when appropriate


This can be the most difficult stage in your learning curve. As soon as you leave the white water behind you are suddenly thrown into a mix of Surfers of all abilities and attitudes, knowing how to handle yourself out back can save you an awful lot of frustration and grief. We find that the improver course is the most important.

Over 3 sessions you will learn –

  • Choice of surf spot
  • Surf forecasting
  • Getting out back
  • Confidence building
  • Surf etiquette
  • Wave selection
  • Trimming left and right
  • Board control
  • Video/Photo analysis when appropriate


We generally find that 2 sessions is enough for the Intermediate wave rider and we run these sessions on a one to one basis.

As an intermediate surfer you need to be able to –

  • Trim left and right
  • Paddle out in head high surf
  • Control your board safely
  • Demonstrate good surf etiquette

At this stage you will probably be able to give us a pretty good idea of what you want to achieve in your session. Here are a few popular areas in which we can help.

  • Wave selection
  • Equipment choice
  • Paddling Technique and Take Off
  • Bottom Turn
  • Generating Speed
  • Top Turn
  • Final Manoeuvre
  • Video/Photo analysis when appropriate