Here we have a few popular questions about our services and Terms and Conditions.

1. What do I bring and where do we meet?
You need to bring a towel to use while changing, swimwear to wear under the wetsuit is useful, a hot drink and warm clothes in winter and cold drinks and sun cream in summer is also advised. We will advise on our lesson location near the time of your lesson, it will be either North, South or Cayton Bay.

2. Do I need to be a good swimmer?
You need to be able to swim at least 25m (one pool length), beginner lessons are run in no more than waist to chest deep water. We can help build your confidence so please make us aware of any medical problems such as Asthma.

3. How long will the lesson last for?
We like to be as flexible as possible so we give a minimum of 2 hours, but if conditions are good we are happy to stay in longer. Also we will not insist you stay in for the whole 2 hours either, its your time so we work the lesson around you.

4. What if there is no Surf?
We will advise on this before the day, if there is no surf we can re-schedule the lesson or offer a refund of any monies paid to us. We can also arrange alternative activities such as Paddle Boarding and Beach games.

5. When do we pay?
At certain times we will ask you for a deposit. This will usually be with large groups, BBQ days, and busy periods. Deposits will be charged at £5 per person and are only refundable if we cancel the lesson or if there is no Surf.