Intermediate Surf Lessons

Calling All Improvers!

So here we are maybe 3 months later or maybe 3 years down the line. We all progress at massively different rates with many different factors affecting this, mainly proximity to Surf, the amount of times you can get in, getting the right equipment and of course natural talent and ability.

Improver’s can fall into a wide range of ability as we are all essentially improving throughout our surfing life, but we do need to draw distinction between the Beginner and Improver.

So if you are achieving any or all of the following basics we shall call you an Improver.

  • Ready to begin Catching Green Waves (Un-Broken waves)
  • Popping up and riding in consistently.
  • Paddling out back through breaking waves.
  • Have some knowledge of surf etiquette.

Now this is a very basic level of improver. What we will discuss with you prior to your lesson is exactly where you are with your surfing and what you want to achieve in the next few months, we can work out a plan and run a course of tuition to reach your goals, many of us stumble at the same stages with surfing, here are a few of the most common areas in which we can help out.

  • Wave selection.
  • Paddling technique.
  • Poor Equipment choice.
  • Confidence in larger surf or busy lineups.
  • Where to surf and when to surf.

We all know how fickle the surf can be so ironing out these problems can take time and is usually frustrating to say the least, but our hands on approach has proved a great success in getting people onto the next level. We will basically get you into the best waves on your lesson and literally surf right behind you to figure out where you are going wrong, or right in some cases. Give us a call or email us to find out more.