Surfing In Scarborough

Surfing In Scarborough

More and more people are realising that the Yorkshire coast is still a bit of an discovered gem and it’s not just Cornwall and Devon which has great waves all year round. Yes its colder and the water is not quite as blue but with a bit of careful planning and local knowledge you can score great surf for beginners and experts alike.

Just take a look at the image above of Scarborough, with 3 main beaches between them facing due North and right round 180 degrees to the South we have a huge swell window, and some where we will be offshore in all but the worst conditions that the North sea can throw at us.

Here is a quick run down of the three main surfing beaches in Scarborough. We run our lessons at the location which will offer us the best conditions for your ability, this is a service unique to us.

The Surf in Scarborough has something to offer for all abilities. There are three main Surfing Beaches all with different characteristics.

North Bay – Faces NNE and catches swell from the North round to the SE, an easy beach to learn on when small, and can provide challenging waves when the swell picks up. Hazards are rocks in the middle and edges of the bay, RIPS and tidal movements. There is a Lifeguard service in the Summer.

South Bay – Faces ESE, a very sheltered beach which is good in stormy conditions and great for learning. Gentle waves, no rocks on the main beach, minimal RIPs and no Tidal dangers make it the safest beach to lean to surf on. There is a Lifeguard service in Summer.

Cayton Bay – Faces NE and picks up any swell going, more suited to the intermediate surfer and works through all stages of tide, an exposed beach which can have bad RIPs and heavy dumping waves. There is a Lifeguard service in summer.